Paraguay: About the riots in Asunción


On Friday March 31 despite the feelings we encountered and the internal confrontations we had faced with the question we asked ourselves and our compas – what do we as anarchists care about the constitution or the political crisis? …the events that unfolded almost made us punch ourselves in the mouth.

We, like many other people, were shocked by the spontaneous explosion of anger and bordedom from a people that are usually so meek and accustomed to passivity, but were so sick and tired that they lost their fear of the tear-gas and the rubber bullets and rose up and unleashed their wildest desires. Despite the calls for calm and peaceful protests by senators and party leaders, the people ignored them and discovered what they can do for themselves, burning Congress was nothing to them.

In the middle of the conflict was the ingenuity and creativity of people resisting police repression without being directed by anybody…The street became the learning space where the people took one step towards the unlearning of passivity and another towards the construction of empirical knowledge for resistance, self-defense and attack against the symbols of resistance. Live bullets that were fired on Estrella street, Chile street and other places in the city were not enough to disperse the rage of thousands of young workers, students, chacariteños and rockers who changed their Friday night plans due to the treacherous spectacle of repression and decided to give free reign to the destructive Luddism that is necessary to break with the peace of the dead.

We urge everybody to remain vigilant in the face of recent events, and we encourage all self-organized groups and individuals not to retreat, to waver or be carried away by partial calculations that will only plunge us back into fear. Let the revolutionary practice always be our response to state terrorism! Against social passivity.

See how mutual support and solidarity were practied spontaneously by people who gave you salt water when you were suffocating from the tear gas and carried you to a safe place, even risking an onslaught of blue helmets, and the others who rescued you from the clutches of the police? These practices are very important starting points for us as anarchists, who conceive, want and seek a life of freedom, without authority.

From our position as anarchists, we invite you to participate in all future manifestations, to come back out onto the streets and reignite the struggle against state terrorism.

Always keeping our enemies in sight. Not trusting in partisan speeches and seeing through the information war to where our struggle is in reality.

There is no salvation for submissive people, the blood of the innocent will not go unpunished.

Affinity Group of Anarchist Insurrectionists (GAAI)

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)