Olympia, USA: Demands of the Olympia Commune


Note from Insurrection News: Since November 18, a blockade of the railway freight line has been ongoing in downtown Olympia, Washington State, USA, about an hour’s drive from Seattle. The blockade is to prevent sand that is destined to be used for fracking from being transported from the nearby port. A diverse group of people are taking part in the blockade that some have labelled the Olympia Commune, including anarchists and environmental activists of various persuasions. For more information about the blockade check out the coverage over at It’s Going Down

Received anonymously on 27.11.17:

Dear City of Olympia,

some of us at the Olympia Commune have come to the understanding that “no demands” is an incoherent strategy which does not lend itself to “”progress”” or “”results”” with this bright, new understanding, we have investigated our desires and come up with some ideas about what we really want the result of this blockade to be our demands are innumerable; here are just a few:

1. make the port a beach again
2. blow up the sun
3. the complete destruction of time itself
4. a brick for every window
5. a wrecking ball
6. that, while science still exists, one of us be endowed with an Adamantium laced skeleton
7. a swift and brutal end to the exploitation commonly referred to as “science”
8. the destruction of all dams, and the return of the salmon
9. no motor boats ever again
10. that fascists and politicians spontaneously combust
11. compost the police
12. release of all prisoners and the Total Destruction of prison, in all of its forms
13. cessation of all space exploration
14. the return of the Tasmanian wolf, the aurochs, the dodo bird, the coral reefs, and all other creatures and habitats that have ceased to be
15. the wilderness
16. total freedom
18. the liquidation of Pacific Union’s assets, to be equally distributed among all children
19. mandatory clown uniforms for all Olympia parking employees
20. that steve hall fight a bear

Additional note from Insurrection News: We’re not sure why demand number 17 has been left blank, nor do we know who Steve Hall is, oh and we’d also like to point out that it’s the Tasmanian Tiger not Wolf, apart from that, we think this is an excellent list of demands! 🙂 

via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com