#NoG20 Hamburg Updates July 1: Cops Block Convoy From Wendland


On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with “cops block convoy from Wendland” and other news from Hamburg. Tonight there will also be an “angry demo” against eviction of Friedel54 in Berlin (08:30pm (20:30) Hermannplatz). During the evening we will publish updates from Hamburg and Berlin.

Image: Cops blocked and searched a convoy from Wendland camp in Hamburg Harburg today.


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Update 11:20pm Hamburg: Tomorrow 07:00pm general assembly at Rote Flora to deal with situation of the NoG20 camps in Hamburg.

Update 10:25pm Hamburg: The NoG20 convoy from Wendland that was blocked and searched by cops in the afternoon arrived at the Fux-Kaserne. The convoy was not allowed to drive to the Schanze district.

Update 10:08pm Berlin demo against eviction of Friedel 54 ended now. Cops say between 600 and 650 people. Not bad for a demo which was mobilised in about 12 hours.

Update 09:59pm Berlin demo against eviction of Friedel 54 stopped by cops.

Update 09:58pm Berlin demo against eviction of Friedel 54.

Update 09:22pm Berlin demo against eviction of Friedel 54 now in front of Friedel54 chanting “Pigs out of Friedel!”

Update 09:13pm Berlin: Angry Friedel 54 demo

Update 09:06pm Berlin: Angry Friedel 54 demo started marching.

Update 08:50pm Several NoG20 related house searches in Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt  district (KTV) in Rostock, Germany now. Cops from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg involved.


Update 08:41pm Berlin: As we reported we will also bring you updates from the “angry demo” against the eviction of Friedel54 in Berlin. First people arrived at the starting point of the demo (image below). Friedel 54 was evicted with massive police violence on June 29.

Update 08:27pm Since 08:15pm NoG20 related House search in #Rostock #Germany! Ordered by LKA HH (State criminal police Hamburg)


Cops block convoy from Wendland

A convoy from Wendland (Germany) was stopped and searched by cops in Hamburg, Harburg. Before the cops starteds their repressive action, they accompanied the convoy on the road and in the air. After more than 3 hours the cops announced that they wont allow the convoy to drive to the Schanze district (First Tweet below). The cops want the convoy to drive to St. Georg. Remember the red and blue ban zones are not in effect yet, but the German police state is already starting to further restrict the freedom of movement, something which refugees are experiencing already for years now. With this action the cops also extended the socalled blue zone.

First Camp started

Today activists started to build the first protest camp in Hamburg. Although sleeping tents are not allowed (a court case against the ban on sleeping tents is ongoing), the camps is important for several manifestations, a place to debate and to get dry in case its raining. People who want to support to continue to buildup the camps are welcome.

Spontaneous gathering for sleeping places after ban on tents to sleep in camps

More and more people are providing places to sleep, including small camps on private properties. In the afternoon there was a small spontaneous gathering under the slogan “support your local protesters” for places to sleep for activists. There is a Twitter hashtag for places to sleep; #schlaflosinHH. 

Dear Comrades,

the G20 summit is about to begin, but still, there is no big camp!.. Still we encourage all of you to come to Hamburg! Come here, stay active and keep the pressure high with us.

You can reach the sleeping place coordination via telephone or at an information point in the city at the Altonale (Museumsstraße x Lobuschstraße)

Come around, support our struggles or create independent structures yourselves.

Tel: 0049163 9273427


Small camp at  Norderstedt social center

The Norderstedt social center is offering space to camp in tents for about 40 persons. The social center also provides a people’s kitchen, toilets and facilities to wash yourself. If you are still looking for a place to sleep write a mail to; sz(AT)inferno.nadir.org

Action and Blockade training on Sunday

Tomorrow there will be 2 action and blockade training sessions in Hamburg. The first one is between 01:00pm and 03:00pm and the second one between 04:00pm and 06:00pm The training sessions will take place at Uni, Von-Melle-Park 9 in Hamburg.

Info point at Gänge district started

In Hamburg’s Gänge district an info point started today. You will find here a lot of information about the No G20 protests in Hamburg.

NoG20 Autonomous Street Medics in #Hamburg

Introduction and contact details of the autonomous street medics during the No G 20 protests in Hamburg.

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