Narrm / Melbourne, So-Called Australia: Anti-Golden Dawn Banner Drop Behind Enemy Lines


On Sunday the 25th of February, 2018, a small group of antifascists successfully hung several banners on an overpass pedestrian crossing, which was along the route of a Greek patriot march which primarily rallied around the nationalist trope that “Macedonia is Greece”.

The crowd consisted of thousands of Greek nationalists, including some dressed as Spartans and many draped in Greek flags. Among roaming groups of aggressive black clad fascists, ostensibly  acting as “security”, the Golden Dawn insignia was prominent.

Despite the presence of uniformed police and robo-riot cops, some of us were able to hang several banners in a prominent position, visible to the gathered crowd, along their intended marching route. The banners we hung read: “Fuck Patriots (in Greek) No Nations. No Borders (in English)”, whilst another banner displayed included an anarchist circle a (A), an ANTIFA flag, and an antifascist circle.

Our banners attracted a significant amount of attention from cars passing beneath the bridge, which honked their horns (although we are still unsure if they were in support for our message, or in contempt).

Unfortunately, due to our low numbers, we were unable to prevent a group of Greek nationalists from removing our agit-prop within less than 10 minutes of them being unfurled. As they ineptly fumbled to take down our professional banner rope work, we photographed them to use for future identification purposes.

Whilst verbally exchanging insults with the nationalists, several of us were accosted by muscular black clad fascist thugs, one of whom “manhandled” a woman anarchist, and would have accomplished punching her if she had not stepped back. Unfortunately, we failed to get photos of this incident, and due to our small numbers, we also failed to physically confront the roving fascists.

Despite the short length of time our banners were exposed, and the direct physical threats we received from Golden Dawn fascists; we still consider it a success that we were able to infiltrate an area  literally “behind enemy lines”- city blocks and streets crawling with thousands of fired up patriots, not to mention the massive amount of cops- to execute our banner drop action.

According to community sources, an anarchist initiative the previous night was successful in graffiting a  slogan of significant size on a building directly opposite the Greek nationalists meeting point outside the embassy. The graffiti apparently read “Golden Showers for the Golden Dawn”.

In recognizing the international nature of antifascist organising and the importance of active solidarity with our Greek Antifa/ anarchist comrades (whose generational resistance to manifestations of fascism is recognized and respected), we specifically send our warmest regards. We also specifically send our anarcho-love to our fellow squatters at the Favela Social Centre in Piraeus, and Panaitoliou 21 in Athens; both spaces which have been recently attacked. Although not physically together, our spirits of resistance and resilience are with you.

Forever anarcho-love and comradely defiance!