Nantes, France: Incendiary sabotage against an expulsions collabo at the ZAD


Resistance and sabotage, season 2018

We, the friendly Dear Greens, have attacked tow trucks of a company collaborating in the evictions of the NDDL zad. In future they will think twice about it.

On April 9, 2018, the State began its attempt to crush the ZAD. 2,500 cops and an army of machines surrounded the area, destroyed a third of the cabins, injured 260 comrades and arrested 60 others. And, this assessment is only temporary, because whatever the means of repression used, the State will not let go of this story.

To carry out the dirty work, the gendarmes required the assistance of private companies, including the Louis XVI repair company which is taking care of impounding all the vehicles obstructing the job of the cops. Collaborator for a long time, this company also participated in muzzling operation ” escargot [snail]” in 2016 [1].

Dear Louis XVI, in view of the ineffectiveness of the guillotine, we decided to reduce you to ashes.

Notice to all collaborators, those who choose to earn dirty money through the repression of social struggles will not sleep any more peacefully than the politicians who order it.

In support of the zad,

In solidarity with all the wounded and the indicted,

Resistance and sabotage.

[Posted on indymedia nantes, Monday, April 23, 2018]


[1] “Solidarity with the Peripheral snails”! “, Published on April 26, 2016 on zad.nadir:

11 people go on trial Tuesday, April 26 at 8:30 at the TGI following the snail operation of January 12

During the snail operation on Tuesday, January 12 on the ring road, 19 people were arrested the same day, put in custody, and then out with court summons. Their vehicles were seized. They went on trial on 24 February and received a suspended fine of 200 euros and 6 points on their driving licence. There is an upcoming appeal trial. Their vehicles – with the payment of the fees charged by the impounders – were returned a few days after the trial.

Perhaps having already overcrowded waldeck and the pound …, another 11 people driving were stopped by biker cops but not impounded. Their vehicles were not seized. They received a convocation to the police station for Thursday, January 28, were put in custody during their convocation and summoned to court on April 26. They are accused of “impeding traffic”.

The confiscation of vehicles (tractors or cars) and the criminal sentence are quite disproportionate to “snail” operations. It is probably a question of “hitting hard” to demotivate any form of solidarity with the inhabitants of the ZAD who are being expropriated and / or expelled. Through the repression of a “bon-enfant” action of the most common kind in social struggles, such as the slowing down of traffic, they are trying to prevent any embryo of a strong solidarity movement.

This repression, however, does not surprise us as it has become almost automatic as soon as a struggle is expressed forcefully, so much so that State violence is commonplace in this period of security.

But this attempt to break our movement is not intimidating us! The mobilization of February 27 and those that followed showed the determination of the struggle against the airport and its world (and its repression!).

Posted on 2018/04/23 by Sans_Attendre

Translated by Act for freedom now!