Moria: Greek riot police firing asphyxiating gas at children and elderly fleeing a burning hell


Unbelievable scenes are coming out of Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos island, Greece, or t least what once used to be. This is the moment, on the early hours of Thursday, September 10, 2020, that the greek riot police fired asphyxiating gas grenades against migrants, amongst them many children and elderly, while trying to flee a “burning hell”, following new fire fronts that broke out at the Moria hotspot, destroying what little was left standing from yesterday’s fire, as reported by Dunya Collective on Twitter (@DunyaCollective)

Due to the new fire, the homeless migrants who remained there amongst the smoking rubbles were forced to leave their tents and run to safety towards the nearby Panagiouda village or towards Mytilene, the capital city of Lesbos island, where, while fires were burning to left and right of the road, they were stopped en masse at a greek riot police blockade and were forced to turn back towards the fire fronts, while asphyxiating gas canisters were fired at them.

[Videos published by Dunya Collective on Twitter]