Mexico: Explosive attacks on the premises of chambers of commerce

fire isolated over black background

In recent weeks the social war in the Mexican region has reached high levels of exacerbation of the conflict within the insoluble contradiction of life and capital. In a context of generalized conflictuality capital is forging its way with all its terrorist weaponry, besieging the territory and its natural resources, devising austerity plans in an attack on our existence regardless of regional characteristics, which as a whole represents a strategy of the State-capital on a global scale.

Episodes of growing conflict in the South Pacific Mexican region –Michoacán, Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca – are  confirmation that a rupture of social peace and generalized atrophy is possible: barricades, pickets, occupations, sabotage, expropriation. In a word, direct attacks on the free circulation of goods. We affirm that these struggles don’t belong to unions, political parties or non-governmental organizations, but are the genuine and just expression of anger and disgust at the dictatorship of Capital; we maintain this against all those who would deny it such as obedient workers, legalitarian citizenists and professionals of politics and the struggle.

Under these conditions the bourgeoisie can’t remain arms folded. It is this decadent class that has never stopped launching speeches of exhortation from their drawing rooms calling for the dissolution of the slightest trace of spontaneous-organized conflictuality, discourses that are immediately backed up by operations led by those who represent them in the State institutions. The most obvious evidence of this was the recent operation of 19th June in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, which cost least the lives of at least 11 people at the hands of the police, and dozens of wounded and arrested, as well as the vile torture and murder of the comrade Salvador Olmos García in Huajuápan de León, Oaxaca.

For this reason on Sunday 3rd July we decided to place parcel bombs at the premises of chambers of commerce (CANACINTRA, COPARMEX, CCE), which caused some material damage, but above all announcing that the revolt emanating from Oaxaca is extending and that the fire will soon reach their houses. With this we also hail the other acts of boycotting and sabotage that have occurred in the city in recent weeks: the school workers’ strike, road blocks set up by parents and teachers, the insurgents’ picket at the university campus.

There is no possible solution for the oppressed within the parametres of the institutions, but only in the intransigent struggle against the State-capital making possible an open scenario of generalised insurrection, which in establishing a dialectical relation between spontaneity and organization, will put social peace in the Mexican region in check and extend all over the globe.

Death to the State/Capital!

Freedom for the prisoners of the social war!

For Anarchy!

Autonomous sabotage group Salvador Olmos Garcia

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!