Mexico: Communique from the Informal Insurrectionist Anarcha-Feminist Coven


We continue to spread the epidemic of anarchist and insurrectionist rage:

Public response to a misdiagnosis that circulates on the internet.
To the anarchists of Mexico and the world, to all the witches fighting in the universe.

“My Mother, go to your room and take care of your work, the loom and the spinning wheel (…) The word must be a thing of men, of all, and above all of me, of whom is the power of this palace”. – Telemachus, The Odyssey

“If I can’t dance, your revolution does not interest me”.  – Emma Goldman

Those of us who been joing the insurrectional informalism from an anarchist-feminist perspective, and are part of our affinity collectives, have suffered the contempt and persistent attacks of those claiming to be ‘accomplices of Anarchy’, they slander us for accepting a theory and a praxis different from their ‘handbook of the (good) anarchist’. Some in the insurrectionist scene have even accused us of being ‘witches’, ‘whores’, ‘feminazis’, ‘traileras’, ‘buchonas’ and ‘flip flops’. There are also those who call themselves ‘anarcha-feminists’ (operating within extremely sexist ‘federations’ and ‘collectives’) who censure our insurrectionary actions for departing from ‘nonviolence’, for not following a program or the so-called libertarian evolutionism.

However the most recent attacks are those from the libertarian Bolsheviks, who are surprised that “there are also compañeras who have allowed themselves to be infected with rage and led astray by Rodriguista violence who have formed their ‘affinity groups’ from anarcho-feminism and implement terrorism as their praxis”. And they worry about us being “part of that group of naive young people around the world who fall into the trap, obstructing the daily growth of the anarchist movement, the popular struggle against the State and Capital for the realization of libertarian communism”.

Thus, the Bolshevik libertarians try and prevent our participation in the anarchic war and ask us to return to the school, to the metate, to the molcajete, to caring for our daughters and darning socks. Like Telemachus to Penelopes, they send us to the knitting room. Once again, the cry of patriarchal power disguises itself as ‘libertarian’ and condemns us to shut us up and keep us from ‘the things of men’.

Before continuing we want to clarify that we are not Rodriguistas, and not because we don’t share the theory of compañero Rodriguez but because we are not Bakunistas, nor are we Malatestas, we are not Magonistas, nor are we Goldmanistas. We follow ideas not people.

We are anarchists and we believe that there is only one way to confront power and authority, and that is the anarchic insurrection, that is why we conceive anarchic organization in an informal way through collective affinities and permanent conflict against the patriarchal civilization as a whole. That is why we reject the misogynist authoritarianism of the these Bolshevik libertarians, and why we do it publicly. To fight against sexism and misogyny is to fight against gender, and to fight to destroy gender is to also fight to destroy the whole patriarchal civilization.

We do not represent all the insurrectionist anarchist comrades, we only represent a collective of affinity based in the central region of Mexico. We recognize the struggle of all the other anarcha-feminist insurrectionist compañeras, from those who individually confront the patriarchal civilization, to the compañeras who do it in anonymous collectives and those who have decided to group themselves under new acronyms and claim their actions.

Our fight is the same.
Neither God, nor State, nor Master!
Against the patriarchal civilization!
For the control of our bodies and our lives!
For the destruction of gender!
For the anarchic insurrectional tension!
For Anarchy!

Informal Insurrectionist Anarcha-Feminist Coven

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Nae Clone for Mpalothia)