Mexico City, Mexico: Explosive attack against a Federal Electricity Commission branch by Earth Liberation Front


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Destruction disguised as prosperity

Prosperity?…Passive beings wandering in the streets…Longing for the peace and ‘security’ that is offered for being surrounded by modern technologies and gadgets that facilitate your life…

But there is a high price to be paid for this prosperity and turning a blind eye is no longer an option!!

Geothermal Energy Production Station of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in Primavera Forest (in the state of Jalisco):

In June 1987, the Official Journal of the Federal Government published a decree which declared an area of 120000 square kilometers (12000 hectares, representing 40% of the protected natural area) inside the volcanic caldera of Primavera as an area for exploration and subsequent exploitation of deposits.

As early as 1970 work had begun exploring deposits in the Serritos Colorados region while between January 1990 and March 1989 a total of about 13 platforms and mud dams were built and about 13.5km of access roads were opened and 12 geothermal wells were built, and between 1989 and 1990 the work of the Federal Electricity Commission was halted because of the environmental damage they had caused.

On July 2015, having completed the process of ‘Round Zero’ for the partial privatization of control of the geothermal source, the Secretary of Energy granted the Federal Electricity Commission a concession for the exploitation of Serritos Colarados (one of the four core-areas of the forest which has existed for more than 140000 years), and 13 inspection permits, one of them for ‘Las Planigias’, another core area of Primavera Forest.

The violent defense of the Earth is an ancestral practice that we will never forget!

At exactly midnight on December 24th we placed an explosive charge inside an ATM at the Federal Electricity Commission branch on the corner of Sempoala street and Eouchenia avenue in Benito Juraez, Mexico City to make it clear to them that as long as they continue to authorize and support the destruction of the Earth we will continue to burn and destroy their institutions. We will not participate in the theater of the organizations that work within the the law such as Greenpeace or the committees demanding the cessation of planned (and already operational) mega-projects, not only in Mexico but worldwide. For we know that they only seek to reap economic benefits for their party while they deceive the world with the fantasy of a technological paradise of comfort and prosperity.

We are not seeking a reorganization of services or a fulfillment of our demands.

We seek the total destruction of this industrial-technological civilization.

Against the geothermal station in Primavera Forest!

Earth Liberation Front

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)