Message from R.U.I.S. after Raqqa city liberation in Syria



At this time the city of Raqqa is free from the fascists of the Islamic State. Every part of the city gained to the hands of the liberation forces of the YPG, YPJ and SDF on October the 17th. The first operations started in the beginning of June with the liberation forces taking the city from house to house, occupying strategic points for many weeks.

The international Freedom Battalion (IFB) took part from the beginning on this front, going on for months inside the capital of the Jihadi’s. It’s participation gave martyrs, military support and strong international presence. At the front of the city center it participated in many operations, occupying points where the fighting with the enemy was some hundreds of meters away.

Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (RUIS) took position on the first line of the front alongside the IFB. It’s military involvement is defending the autonomy of Rojava, the social revolution that started liberating ground, four years earlier, against the gangs of the Caliphate. By empowering this revolution we defend the communal confederalism, that has taken root here, against the global capitalist system, the fascists and the dominant state powers of USA and Russia, at the same time their strategic satellites – Iraq, Iran Turkey and Al-Assad’s regime work together.

The empowering of the Rojava revolution on the military, social and political level continues to be a part of internationalist solidarity. The defense of the womens revolution and the youth against the system of authority, patriarchy and capitalist forces is a matter of duty to the fighters of the internationalist struggle and all the oppressed.

For the defense of the autonomy of Rojava.

For self-organization.

For the expansion of the revolution.

Raqqa 17.11.17