Melipilla, Chile: Explosive Attack Against the Judicial Assistance Corporation (CAJ)


via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News:

On Sunday May 14th, 2017, a loud noise shook the town of Melipilla, around 23:15 hours an explosive device detonated on Silva Chavez street on the corner of Prat in the center of Melipilla.

The target of the attack had been the Judicial Assistance Corporation (CAJ) (*note from Insurrection News – CAJ is the Chilean equivalent of Legal Aid). The glass exteriors were shattered and some security grilles were damaged as a result of the blast.

The security forces arrived quickly with personnel from the GOPE (Special Operations Group) and several police officers to provide their expertise, they determined that the explosive device would have contained black powder.

The explosive attack only resulted in material damages and in the vicinity were found several leaflets claiming responsibility for the action. In the leaflets, those responsible greet the ‘compa alejo’, the political name of José Muñoz Alcoholado, founding member of the MIR-EGP (Guerrilla Army of the Poor). ‘Alejo’ was assassinated recently in Caracas, Venezuela, while he was having lunch in a restaurant. He was ambushed by two assailants who shot him and then fled.

‘El Chico Alejo’ took part in the resistance to the dictatorship, and then decided to continue the armed struggle with the MIR-EGP in a series of bank expropriations and explosive attacks, before deciding to pursue revolutionary internationalist tasks.

In the leaflets left at the scene of the action, the text alludes to Phantom drones and other surveillance equipment used by the Chilean police during demonstrations and riots in towns in order to try to monitor and control the territory.

Also mentioned are the French ‘Daggers’, armoured tactical support vehicles purchased by the Chilean State from the French company Panhard, which also owns Renault. The 12 Daggers purchased by Chile were specially distributed for the repression in Wallmapu, blessed by the church and celebrated by all political authorities. Each vehicle weighs 5.5 tons and is able to load machine guns from 7.62mm to 12.77m, they also have a perimeter surveillance system, a firing station for their four occupants, mine shielding and reinforcements especially designed to avoid the impact of RPG7 missiles.

Text of the leaflet found at the scene of the attack:

Our direct action is and will be the continuing war against the rich, the powerful, the corrupt and their lackeys. The state-prison-capital preys on life; Murdering, killing, imprisoning, impoverishing, invading, exploiting and carrying out terrorism that is legitimized under its laws and institutions. No to their French daggers, their phantom drones, their jails and high security; No to their surveillance via the panopticon, and their walls to subvert the state of affairs.

Seek and live insurrection!