Madrid, Spain: No Nations, No State, No Capitalism – Sabotage of a Caixa Bank ATM in Vallekas


In the early hours of October 12th, the night before the colonialist and militarist celebration favored by Spanish nationalism, a Caixa Bank ATM was smashed in the Vallekas neighborhood and graffiti was painted next to it that read: “THIS IS OUR INDEPENDENCE: NO NATIONS, NO STATE, NO CAPITALISM”.

The message is simple – while the Catalan and Spanish nationalisms are reactivated under the banner of democracy, we have decided to act and attack what really oppresses us and steals our independence. We are tired of waiting, tired of contemplating how democracy, the state and their repressive bodies are again given legitimacy via nationalism.

We attack what oppresses us: borders, nations, banks, rulers, fascists, the state, capitalism and patriarchy…With this small gesture we call to extend attacks against capitalism, states and their interests. We will not wait for any process to continue fighting for anarchy, the only form of independence that we recognize.

No nations, no state, no capitalism!

Some Anarchists Against Patriotism

(via Contra Madriz, translated by Insurrection News)