Madrid, Spain: Action in Solidarity with the Anarchist Comrades in Italy facing Trial as a result of Operation Scripta Manent


On November 15, a day before the start of the Operation Scripta Manent trials, a group of anarchist comrades gathered in front of the Italian Embassy in Madrid in support of the comrades detained in this operation. The comrades distributed the following text:

Solidarity and support for the comrades detained and facing trial as a result of Operation Scripta Manent in Italy

In September 2016, arrests and searches for this operation took place in Italy. Once again they try to attribute different actions to a supposed hierarchial organizational structure, as was done previously in Italy with Operation Osadia. This repressive strategy has been used in a similar way in the Spanish, Greek, French etc states in an attempt to fit the anarchist conflict and its practices into accusations of terrorist or similar organizations. Anarchism will never be able to fit into these structures, since it is horizontally based and fights against hierarchies and all kinds of authority.

All our support and strength to the comrades that will be judged from this Thursday. Four of the defendants have been denied the possibility of being present at the trial and may instead appear via video conference. In solidarity with them, some of the accused comrades are refusing to attend.

International solidarity with all those who fight for freedom
Courage and strength to our comrades
Against all authority, for anarchy

(via Contra Madriz, translated by Insurrection News)