Lyon, France: May Day Action Against the Border Police


The PAF is the border militia: an army of cops that systematizes racist arrests. On the border roads, at the stations, the PAF only targets racialized people in the hope of finding those who are undocumented.

We think it is necessary to attack the PAF, who are a concrete expression of all this violence and oppression. They track people for a piece of paper: those whose papers are not ‘in order’ are taken to places of confinement where they are drugged, assaulted, starved and put in solitary confinement when they are injured. From the testimony of the imprisoned, these places are ‘worse than prison’.

In response to the call for help from the detainees at CRA Lyon Saint-Exupéry, this Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, we carried out an action against the PAF (Border Police) station at Part Dieu. On this day of international mobilization, we affirm that we must defend the dignity of all: not just workers. We decided to redecorate their sad facade with jars of paint. We must continually fight these institutions that are ‘worse than prisons’.

This is why we think it is important to mobilize for and with all those who are beaten and imprisoned, unable to live where they wish.

The perpetrators of these crimes are numerous: there is the State, the city authorities, the local authorities, the associations that collaborate with the State such as the Red Cross and Refugee Forum and so on, these pathetic cops of the PAF and the employers who get sweet deals from corrupt contracts. And while today we have attacked the PAF, we warn and declare: we will attack all the institutions and individuals who criminalize undocumented people.

On this day of mobilization we want to remind people of the need to stand together and to fight against exploitation and all authority.
We break glass, they break lives!

(Revolutionary Autonomist Comrades Remaining Anonymous for our Security)

Carglass répare, carglass remPAF!

(via Attaque / Rebellyon, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)