Los Angeles, USA: Nov 12th Saturday anti-Trump report -back



I first arrived at the initial meet up spot being at MacArthur Park, it was planned to step off at 10 a.m. I got there a little late around 10:05 but I caught them right when they started their march. I soon walked in, and started to look around to see the hundreds of signs, and seeing many flags from people representing their country. I was happy to see that some anarchist brothers and sisters showed up, with their black flags flying high.

We soon started toward the end goal being the federal building in downtown Los Angeles. Soon the common chants were starting to be repeated over and over and a part of me wanted for some shit to go down. But since the recent Friday protest in Los Angeles saw a lot of arrests, the organizers were sure to try to keep everyone calm and pacified. Not that many of the liberals around there would do anything “radical” anyways, but it didn’t take long that I will have to do with the basic “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go” and “Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here.”

As the march would go on, me being in the front the organizers and flag holders would scream “stop!,” the whole march would come to a standstill as they would wait for those near to the end to catch up and then we would start up again. Soon the bike cops following behind and at the sides, became police officers at the intersections blocking us off from any side streets with riot gear. But throughout all of this no arrests were made. Actually, there was more of a pro-police vibe going on (mostly coming off the liberals). As they would share highfives and would thank their state controlled masters for allowing them to march. With some police making sure that we would not take over any freeways, by completely shutting them off, even from the public use.

Once we got to the federal building people waited as the speakers were set up and the main speaker for the group that organized spoke a little and soon introduced other speakers. Ones that stuck out in my mind until a few hours later (when writing this) were those being from the LA Brown Berets, who surprised me slightly with their slightly more radical revolutionary speech. As well as a Palestinian sister went up there to talk about the common mistreatment in Palestine and spoke that we shouldn’t agree to a rule of an authoritarian nationalist, like the Israelis have as a PM.

After staying for an hour and a half listening to speeches we noticed many started to head off. With many continuing to march, as I decided to grab a bite to eat and head home. I stumbled onto a smaller march that decided to go on, and decided why the hell not. I ended up walking another hour and after decided I should get home. In total the overall liberal feel, was not very satisfying for me. But what was more important was being able to see a greater unification of the left, no matter how moderate nor radical revolutionary they were. For this march to show common unity beyond ideologies, protesting against Trump and his proposed policies. I plan on going a lot more, and hope to see a lot more anarchist brothers and sisters next time.

Until then, talk soon.

xoxo – A friendly LA based anarchist

via itsgoingdown.org