Lisieux, France: Sabotage against the project to extend the commercial zone


On the night of May 17 to 18, 2018, two excavators were vandalized on an Eiffage construction site, Hauts de Glos area, at the Lisieux (Calvados) exit.

The cabin of one excavator was crushed with the shovel of the other. The other excavator was then burned. They are both out of use. In addition, a bungalow window exploded. The owner, the Eiffage company, filed a complaint. The police have opened an investigation.

Eiffage is currently working on the urban development of the Hauts de Glos area up to the Firfol roundabout for the installation of the Centres Leclerc shopping centre, SCA Normande.

The SCA Normande, central purchasing group of Leclerc stores, will build two new warehouses on a plot of 27 hectares, along the RD613, at the exit of Lisieux (Calvados). Its president, Philippe Michaud, explains:
This is an extension, not a move. The company will operate around two sites: the Valley area and the Hauts de Glos area. We will invest 80 million euros, including land, in this project.
Work is expected to begin in summer 2018 for a start of activity announced in March 2020.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

via: Sans_Attendre