Lesvos, Greece: Eviction of the NoBorders Social Center from the Kalamari beach


On the 16th of August the police and the state made their threats come true. They evicted the No Borders Social Center from the Kalamari beach, where it had been relocated following the eviction of the previous social center which was located in a squatted building on the main road from Moria camp to Mytline.

The updates from the page of No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Today morning (16/08) the police paid us an unpleasant visit and “helped” us deconstructing our social center at the beach. Nobody was arrested. We went for now but we will come back for sure!

Update at 12/08

We are still here! After being threatened with a (repeated) eviction of our social center at mytilinis beach for the past week, we decided to not give in so easily and stay where we are. So far the police did not come to make their threat true. We are still here and we will not surrender. For a world without borders!

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