Italy: Update on the Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned


Update on the Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned from ‘Operation Scripta Manent’

12.03.18: All the defendants who are able to attend the hearings have expressed a desire to see a possible solidarity presence in the courtroom.

Marco has attended some of the last hearings, but he doesn’t know whether he will attend or not the next ones, since lately he is attending alone.

Anna obtained the permit to attend the hearings of 7th and 8th, therefore we CALL FOR A SOLIDARITY PRESENCE IN COURTROOM to give them a sign of closeness and support.

For all we know, Danilo, Alfredo and Anna get their mail regularly. They are fine and in high spirit.

Valentina is under house arrest, with all the restrictions, she can meet just few family members.

Soon an e-mail address will be available to ask for additional information about the case.

Anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti tells us that he’ll be present at all the hearings [of the trial]. The next hearings will take place as follows:
MARCH: 1-7-8-15-22-28
APRIL: 12-18-19
MAY: 2-3-9-10-17-23-24-30-31
JUNE: 6-7-14-15-20-21
JULY: 4-5-11-12-18-19-25-26

(via Act For Freedom Now!)