Italy: The trial story against Silvia, Billy and Costa ends in the Court of Cassation


After five years of hearings, the trial of Silvia, Billy and Costa, accused by the Procuratorate of the Turin Republic of transportation of and receiving explosives between Italy and Switzerland for purposes of terrorism, concluded in Rome today. From the time Silvia, Billy and Costa terminated the sentences imposed in the trial in Switzerland, the Procuratorate of Turin, in the role of Attorney Arnaldi Di Balme, had tried to set up a trial first for subversive association (involving other people involved in the Coalition against noxiousness) and subsequently, with more appeals, tried to prove that part of the sabotage attempt in Switzerland had been prepared in Italy, at least in the procuring and transportation of  materials.

The cassation court, on the other hand, confirmed the previous judgment of impunity in accordance with the principle “Ne bis in idem”, that is, a person cannot be judged several times for the same offence, appealing therefore to a principle of fault in jurisdiction. For those who want to go into it further, they can read the publication “Solidarity and complicity”: a collection of texts around the attempted sabotage of the IBM centre on nanotechnologies in Switzerland and the solidarity expressed by  realities of movement also at the international level.

Translated by A.F.F.N.