Italy: On the repressive situation in Trentino (December 2020)


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On the repressive situation in Trentino (Italy, December 2020)

It is nothing new that police operations, convictions and the most varied repressive measures fall on the heads of anarchists. In recent times the attack by the state has intensified throughout the peninsula, from the very heavy sentences of Scripta Manent trial [in Turin], to the accusation of massacre against Juan, to the countless anti-anarchist operations.

Even in Trentino, the number of confined comrades continues to increase. From those confined for having fought unreservedly in Valsusa against the high-speed train [TAV struggle], to those who are serving final sentences for having opposed the imposition of a TSO [Compulsory Health Treatment]. From those who have been put under special surveillance for showing solidarity with a comrade beaten up in prison by the guards, to those who still find themselves in the limbo of an obligation to stay in the municipality of residence that grows longer with each rejection by the courts.

If on the one hand the repressive measures are faced with firmness, as the inevitable price for having chosen the field on which to fight, that of freedom, on the other hand it is necessary to reason also on the strategies adopted by the State. It is always more evident how the measures of the courts against its declared enemies seek justification in repressing ideas and unspecified “behaviours”.

One reads on some judicial documents relative to the rejection of the revocation of the measures given with the Renata operation that “the investigation activities have not produced significant changes in the context of reference”. On the one hand, it makes one smile to read the self-declared failure of the repressive intent, that of disarticulating a reality of comrades; on the other hand, with a sleight of hand, the courts declare that the one to be evaluated for a possible release would be the “context of reference”, to spite of all the words spent about “individual responsibility”, banner flaunted by the very democratic Law.

If the objective is to break the ties and make scorched earth around comrades, intimidating with arrests and charges of 270bis [subversive association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order] and wearing out with the so-called minor precautionary measures, the only possible counterattack is that of solidarity. Always keeping in mind the generosity and determination of those who fought without calculation against war, environmental devastation, exploitation and the society of control.

To say that the absence of these comrades does not affect our lives, our struggles and our spirits would be rhetorical if not false. The lacks often stand out like boulders, like the silences in heated discussions. But what they make more and more evident, as people are taken from us, is the imprint they leave on a group of comrades. Ways of acting, reasoning, loving and hating. Pieces that will never be taken from us: we are also the fruit of our absences, which we take with us wherever we go.

Among the waste paper delivered to us, it is inevitable to note an invitation to “distance oneself” from anarchism and anarchists. Equally inevitable is the conclusion: too bad for them. After all, we’ve been in “provisional freedom” all our lives, but anger at a world of cages and complicity with those who get up in the morning with the intention of fighting, are anything but provisional.

Freedom for Sirio, Massimo, Juan, Carlo, Stecco, Nico, Rupert, Poza and Agnese

Freedom for everyone

anarchists of Trento and Rovereto