Italy: News about Beppe from Pavia prison (April 2020)


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Italy: News about Beppe from Pavia prison (April 2020)

We have learned in recent days that the Court of Genoa has rejected the request for home detention on health grounds made by the lawyer Sommovigo for Giuseppe Bruna.

Beppe’s health conditions, particularly at risk for Covid-19 because he had been hospitalized a year and a half ago for a bad bronchopneumonia, were not even taken into consideration, as were the conditions of the cell full of mold where he is detained.

Instead, the fact that Beppe did not answer during the interrogation was taken into consideration, so that his behaviour did not seem to demonstrate a distance from his pre-arrest way of life and from the people close to him. Nothing new, of course, but a further demonstration that even house arrest for health reasons are, in fact, assimilated to reward legislation.

The petition was also submitted to the prosecutor’s office in charge of the “Prometeo” repressive operation which, to date, has not ruled.

Beppe had regular access to the video calls, got the money and the package. We received a letter from him in which he remembers his past as a social worker in old people’s homes. His battles with health care management and, unfortunately, with doctors and even nurses. The usual visions of intestine wars from which there might be some more hope of escaping, on the part of the workers and women workers, in the coming period.

Finally, the Milan public prosecutor’s office has sent the CDs of the “Prometeo” operation, with readable files. All lawyers should receive copies by next week.

More updates will follow.