Italy , Cagliari in Sardinia : Anarchist Paolo arrested for robbery [31/10/2017]


Tuesday, October 31, our comrade Paolo was arrested along with his two accomplices immediately following a robbery in a post office in a suburb of Cagliari. After leaving the post office they tried to get away, but the infamy of a bystander provided very precise information to the cops, who were therefore able to organize an encirclement and intercept them as they were driving away.

They offered no resistance. Clothes and weapons used in the robbery were found in the car.

All our closeness and solidarity to them. We do not know why they made this choice, and we do not care. We know that whoever organizes to deprive the State and bosses of what they need, do the right thing, always.

But, we are disgusted by those people who from a “sense of civic duty” (expression used by the chief of police of Cagliari) snitch on those who organize and act to have what they need, taking from what by nature is the worst exploiter in the world, the State.

On the side of those who do not bow their heads.

Translated by Act for freedom now!