Italy: Against special surveillance. Itinerant solidarity meeting


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Against special surveillance. Itinerant solidarity meeting (Genoa, January 16th, 2021)

of our thoughts, our behaviors, our ideas and relationships

These days the mantra of Security resounds more than ever in streets overflowing with ugly uniformed individuals ready to repress with all the means at their disposal: from the fine to the truncheon, perpetuating in fact a war against the exploited, immigrants, those who live by expedients and in general those who do not adapt and try not to bow their heads in front of this “normality” made of distance, downcast eyes, mouths covered by masks and an unbreathable air, more than for the feared respiratory virus for a disease that seems to have entered every alveolus of life: that of domination and control.

On January 20th, the Court of Genoa will rule on the request of the public prosecutor Federico Manotti to submit to special surveillance an anarchist comrade from Genoa.

It will certainly not be judges and cops to intimidate us.

We take to the streets to shout our solidarity with our comrade and with all those who are deprived of their freedom.

The courts have always given special attention to anarchists, and we are not surprised: on the other hand, in our hearts burns a dream, the demolition of all authority!


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Note: The «special surveillance of public security» is a repressive measure provided by the Italian penal code, which can last from one to five years, imposed on persons considered to be a danger to public safety and institutions. Over the last few decades, many requests for surveillance have been issued against anarchists, some of which have been accepted by the courts. Special surveillance implies that a person, once the measure is confirmed, is obliged to look for a job (if he does not have one), to fix his abode, to make it known to the authority and not to leave it without prior notice to the same authority. Thus, the person is required to “live honestly”, to respect the law, not to give reason for suspicion and not to leave the municipality of residence (or part of it) without prior notice to the local authority. The application of this measure often entails the revocation of the passport and driving licence for the entire duration of the measure and the impossibility of obtaining any type of licence or exercising any economic activity, being authorised only to work as an employee in companies where the owners are not convicted criminals or where there are no other convicted criminals, or to work as a self-employed person without being registered with a professional association. Furthermore, the court often prescribes not to habitually associate with persons who have been convicted or are subject to restrictive measures, not to return home later than a certain time in the evening and not to leave earlier than a certain time in the morning without proven necessity and, in any case, without having first informed the local authority, as well as not to participate in public meetings of any kind. All these particular prescriptions can be modified or aggravated by the court and some of them may not be imposed in certain cases. The person under special surveillance is given a “booklet” in which all restrictions are noted. The booklet must always be produced at the request of the authorities and the relevant checks must be noted in it.