Israel/Palestine: Antifascists Disrupt the Nationalist ‘Jerusalem Flag Parade’

Jerusalquds is greater than any nation state

Antifascist Activists from Jerusalem made an action against the Nationalist “Jerusalem Flag Parade” which takes place every year, where thousands of people come to march and set the fires of hate to our streets, with thousands of National Flags, Racist and Fascist hate chants.

The action is also an act of solidarity with the Palestinian shop owners that were forced to shut down so the Parade could go trough their streets.

The Antifa Activists released a huge Banner in a main junction on the march course at King George Street and agron Street, the Banner reads “Jerusalem against Nationalism” in Hebrew and Arabic.

Our Jerusalem is a city of Love, Acceptance and Diversity, even under the apartheid regime – Jewish and Arab civilians live 90% of real life day to day moments between ourselves with endless mutual help kindness and respect.

This will only grow to mix nicer and nicer, in both languages and cultures.

In freedom & equality for all soon inshallah.

Antifa Jerusalem – Al Quds

(via Jerusalem Antifa)

Israel/Palestine: Antifascists Disrupt the Nationalist 'Jerusalem Flag Parade'

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