International Freedom Battalion Announces New Formation, Revolutionary AntiFascist Front


Within the last two months, the geopolitical situation in Northern Syria has led to several armed force organizations to participate in heavy clashs. From all of them, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are the only ones fighting for an ideal of justice and freedom.

Many revolutionary organisations have chosen to support the SDF and to organise consequently.

We, as internationalist fighters from all around the world, have fought alongside YPG and YPJ in Serekaniye and on the Til Tamir frontline, suffering casualties.

These last weeks have been enlightening for us to measure the importance of a strong internationalist solidarity and the necessity of a deep commitment to the antifascist struggle.

Therefore, we have chosen to regroup and unite under a common military organisation within the International Freedom Battalion. The Revolutionary Antifascist Front – RAF is the logical answer to the ongoing fascist invasion of Rojava. More than an organisation, the RAF is a physical concept. The concept that every time that fascism attacks, antifascism answers. The concept that everywhere where injustice and tyranny try to enslave people, revolutionaries will fight for freedom and equality. RAF is not singular. RAF is plural.

RAF is where militants choose to organise at the radical level. RAF is where resistance chooses to become offensive. RAF is everywhere where hearts are beating for a revolution. And today more than ever, RAF is in Rojava, on the frontlines, alongside our Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Assyrian, Syriac, Turkmen, Circassian and Turkish comrades.

We do not expect imperialist States to help the people of Rojava. Once again they have shown to the entire world their treacherous ways. We can just expect support from the ones who stand against barbarism and reactionary ideologies.

The present Neo-ottoman fascistic invasion led by the Turkish State with the help of its proxies can only be defeated by an extreme and diffuse uprising around the world. In every place where the Turkish State has a representation, every time that an opportunity occurs, we must strike. We call all the revolutionaries of the world to unite against the common fascist enemy. To join us within the International Freedom Battalion. To support Rojava and the YPG/YPJ. To make actions in their respective countries. To become the worst nightmare of the Turkish State and its allies. We are at war, and not only in the plains and villages of Northern Syria, but in every place where fascism is present.

Committed and determined to fight until the end, we have chosen to include in a collective way all individuals and groups willing to join us. Loyal to the internationalist ideal of our beloved friend and comrade Ceren Güneş, who became martyr the 3rd of November during an operation, fighting the Islamist gangs of the so-called “Syrian National Army” we welcome in to our ranks the “Komando Ceren Güneş” and establish together a straight anti-sectarian, revolutionary and ethical line to follow in our fight.

Long live internationalism! Victory to the Rojava revolution! Death to fascism!

Revolutionary Antifascist Front – RAF.