International Call for a Black May in Memory of Mauricio Morales

10 Years: International call for agitation and action – For an offensive memory and a black May in memory of Mauricio Morales

“I will seek at the risk of my life, the best, the authentic freedom …”
Mauricio Morales

Ten years ago, on May 22, 2009, an explosive device transported by anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales accidentally exploded before it could be installed in the Gendarmerie School in Santiago, Chile, making itself felt in black hearts. He made that institution and those who compose it visible as an objective to attack, thus generating a close relationship of solidarity between prisoners and action. But at that time the enemy did not receive a blow, this time the roar did not shake the jailers’ infrastructure; at that time the powerful explosion took Mauri’s life during that early morning.

Quickly the vultures of the different police, prosecutors, journalists and ministers came to scavenge and feast on the blood and body of Mauri. On this occasion, the death of an anarchist was the excuse to develop new thrusts in hunts against anti-authoritarian environments.

Since then memory has crossed different paths in different languages, continents, from the street, to words, actions and fire. His memory has remained alive in the multiform action that keeps us united with our dead. It is with these gestures that the machinery of oblivion, silence and repentance has been continuously attacked and sabotaged, preventing the decisions of comrade Mauricio Morales to be consumed in time or in the vortex of over-information.

It’s been 10 years, it’s true sometimes it seems like an eternity and sometimes it’s just a couple of seconds. Today we return strongly to the gestures that have been made permanent during this time, seeking to imbue new energies and transform them into an excellent reason to sharpen our denials of this world: Memory today as yesterday is attack. We do not seek to collaborate in exacerbating a distant, spectacular and superheroic image of our comrade; As always, Mauri was one of those who rejected this world, a companion, not an icon, who, using his ingenuity and will, decided to take action by the confrontation against this imposed reality. That night it could have been him or another compañerx that decided to arm himself with their denials.

We raise an anarchic and iconoclastic memory, that far from seeking the continuous reaffirmation or the bitter dispute over the property of memory, is directed offensively against this world.

We call the various companions scattered throughout the world, the tendency which is always a minority, that seeks the destruction of what makes us slaves, the restless minds that contribute to a memory of action against domination. This May, we are aware of the existence of a double dimension , on the one hand, the pretext for anarchic combat and on the other hand the honest sadness for the loss of a beloved companion. We believe that in a complementary way we can multiply and reproduce the gestures of memory: Activities, publications, murals, actions, fires, combat in the streets. Everything works, because nothing is left aside.

This call is to take back what has never been left behind, giving life to that continuity of practice in the current scenario, contributing so that our deaths remain dangerous to the ears of the powerful, actions which are impossible to recuperate by the “progressive citizens” that separate us and rejecting any victimizing expression that seeks to impose a distorted image of our comrade.

These words are a call to action and propaganda, to multiply the gestures against Power, gestures that destroy the door of forgetfulness that is sought to put on Mauri, but it is also an invitation to strengthen our capacities, to multiply the instances of memory, to reproduce the combat and generate a contemporary fight against dominion.

To 10 years: For the offensive memory and a black May in memory of Mauricio Morales.

Our black memory will continue to resonate in the ruptures of this precious social peace.

Nothing has finished, everything continues!
Memory is attack.


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