Indonesia: Bomb The Palace Manifesto


Bomb the Palace’s Manifesto

For centuries, capitalism has chained human civilization in all aspects of human life. The state, as the central force that perpetuates the protection of capital, has kept capitalism thriving since its infancy until now. Everyone should remain wary as it is becoming stronger and could possibly become eternal. This is a very real threat, given that the protection of capitalism has been done via the utilisation of weapons and violence, as well as the corrosive doctrine of nationalism

As anarchists, we realize that resistance to capitalism will be useless without resistance to the state because the state itself is a perpetrator and protector of capitalism. We see how Marxist struggles were all in vain and only led to a new kind of dictatorship and capitalism, namely state capitalism.

We believe that tyranny in any form, whether it’s in form of capitalism or state, will not collapse without real struggles and brutal attacks.

As anarchism has penetrated the hearts of every human beings who begin to be aware and disgusted with the the corruptions of capitalism and the state, anarchists today are not just some old starving workers, but also children, teenagers, adolescents and students of many different classes and family backgrounds. Some were born into bourgeoisie families, while some others were even born into fascist ones.

While we realize that not everyone is capable in fighting with the barricade, we strongly believe that there are many other types of resistance that everyone can do. This is where Bomb The Palace carries out its duties as a media to accommodate essays written by comrades out there who might have difficulties in going down with the barricade.

A Molotov might blow up a police station or bank, but a writing could blow up the whole world. So let’s stand and hold your black flag, it is time to fight.

Long live anarchism, long live freedom

(via Bomb The Palace)