In Memory of revolutionary anarchist Lambros Fountas


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After this writing by the comrades of Act for Freedom Now! other texts will follow in memory of comrade Lambros Fountas, a member of the organisation Revolutionary Struggle (Επαναστατικού Αγώνα, Epanastatikòs Agonas, EA), 11 years after his death.

In memory of our revolutionary anarchist Lambros Fountas who fell in battle on March 10th, 2010 in Dafni area in Athens in an encounter with the murderers in uniform of the greek democracy


In any case, Lambros Foundas lives in the flaming hearts of those who fight continuously for dignity and freedom.

Lambros: you are not missing from any moment of the struggle, because you’re always present, like you used to be…

Lambros: nothing is over, because everything continues…

Honour for ever to our comrade fighter revolutionary Lambros Foundas.

Act for freedom now!