Chile: In Memory of Anarchist Comrade Jonny Cariqueo Yañez

Assassinated by the Police on March 31st 2008

“The red fist that I raise in battle
My people no longer quiet with their anger
The rich with their gold filling themselves with praise
The poor with their flowers filled with love
We will be the actors of the revolutions”

– Jonny Cariqueo Yañez

On March 31st, 2008, after participating in a new commemoration of the Day of the Young Combatant, comrade Jonny Cariqueo Yañez was arrested by the carabineros in the Pudahuel district in Santiago, Chile. During his detention he suffered torture and later, despite indicating that he had signs of heart problems, the police denied him medical attention.

All this occurred within a context of an uprising in the tension in the conflict of social war in that sector. In the previous year on that same day, a minibus had been burned at the intersections of La Estrella and San Francisco avenues. In the commemoration of September 11th (beginning of the Pinochet dictatorship) of the same year in North Pudahuel, the looting and confrontations with the forces of repression resulted in the death of Corporal Cristian Vera, member of the carabineros, who was shot with a 9MM pistol. Therefore, revenge by the agents of the State was expected.

First of all it is necessary to make it clear that Jonny was not a victim, this is just the consequence of taking part in the struggle for total liberation, where the State along with its lackeys will not hesitate to use all their tools to stop the anarchist and nihilist struggle against the existent. The comrade from his anarchist position participated in different projects and anti-authoritarian spaces, seeking to spread the ‘idea’ of a life of freedom without any limits.

11 years since your death for being an enemy of this society, you are no longer with us and the guilty ones are the State and the institutions that make up this structure of domination.

Your early death will not be forgotten.

Comrade Jonny, the struggle for anarchy does not forget you and we will continue to spread the idea of total liberation.


(via Anarquia, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)

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