Hamburg, Germany: Russian Visa Center Attacked in Solidarity with Anarchists Facing Repression in Russia, Belarus and Crimea


On the night of June 22nd, some unknown persons destroyed the windows of the Russian visa center at 14a Kanal Strasse in Hamburg. Also, ‘FUCK FIFA’, ‘FIGHT REPRESSION’ and ‘(A)’ were sprayed on the building facade.

Since Autumn 2017 there have been repressive attacks against anarchists in several cities of Russia as well as in Belarus and Crimea. The FSB (Federal Security Service) have used torture, intimidation, extortion and imprisonment against them. At the same time, the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia, one of the biggest spectacles of those in power. The rich are continuing to get richer, and in the shadows of the surveillance cameras, just like during the Olympics or summits, these games are being used to increase repression against marginalized, poor and unwanted social groups, as well aggressively pushing forward gentrification of neighbourhoods.

Freedom and solidarity do not need a visa!

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English by Nae Clone for Mpalothia)