Greece: Urgent call for support to the Political Refugees Hospitality Center of Lavrion


The center in Lavrion, which has been hosting refugees seeking political asylum since the 1940s, is not unknown to the St. Pauli Athen Klub. At least four times in the past, the club has supplied food, clothes, appliances, toys, etc, since the needs of the people living there could not be met, despite the fact that the Center had been under the auspices of the Greek Red Cross for the past 50 years.

Unfortunately, the withdrawal of the Greek Red Cross for unknown reasons in late July, caused the exclusion of the Center from the permanent infrastructure for refugee accommodation and immigrants and has further worsened the problems of about 350 people (many of them children) staying there. Living conditions in the camp – building status, etc. – were very difficult even before the GRC’s withdrawal. Now, the refugees who live there can only depend on the help of ordinary citizens offering food and essential necessities.

The Sankt Pauli Athen Klub once again took the initiative and without a moment’s thought decided to offer money from its fund to buy food supplies, which were delivered on Sunday 10/9 at the Center by members of the club. Our initiative has had the invaluable support of FC St. Pauli South End Scum Club.

At the same time, the Sankt Pauli Athen Klub would like to appeal to anyone wishing to assist this humanitary effort, since the following are needed at the Center:

Vegetables, olive or sunflower oil, salt, pepper, sugar, tea, flour, arabic pies, baby milk, noodles, rice, sauces, long-life milk, bread, baby diapers (No. 3, 4, 5), baby wipes, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, soap, fruit creams for babies, biscuits, waste bags

Also medicines:

Depon (500ml), Panadol Extra, Ponstan (500ml & sirup), Amoxil (500ml) Niflamol (250ml) Mesulid (100ml), Algofren (400ml), Buscopan, Voltaren Crem, Otrivin Spray, Augmentin ( sirup & tablets), Algofren (sirup), Rifacol (200ml), Zantac (150ml), Tobrex (οφθαλμολογικές σταγόνες), Pharmac Tab, Olartan (20ml), Omnic Tocas (0,4ml), Betadine, Alcohol Lotion, Bisolvon (sirup), Band Aids

If you would like to deliver items and food directly to the camp at Lavrio, please let us know by phone: (+30) 6939014803, (+30) 6986623928

You may also get in touch with St. Pauli Athen Klub through the inbox of our Facebook page (

The St. Pauli Athen Klub is raising money in order to buy food and supplies for the Lavrio Center so we can continue our consignments to the Lavrio camp. You can deposit money to the following Bank Account

Piraeus Bank 5052-044712-693

IBAN: GR52 0172 0520 0050 5204 4712 693