Greece: Update on the 5th Trial of Revolutionary Struggle for the Helicopter Escape Attempt


On Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 9:30 am, in the Korydallos Prison Court, the 5th trial against the Revolutionary Struggle continues with the examination of witnesses. The next hearing is schedlued on 18/2/19.

The following is an excerpt of a text by Pola Roupa on the helicopter escape attempt and trial against Revolutionary Struggle:

The Social Revolution is not ultimately, anything less than the triumph of social solidarity. As for defending, propagating, promoting this value, it is necessary to be aware that outside the subversive framework of action, outside the struggle for the Social Revolution, solidarity for the armed fighters is not understood. This is why, for us, solidarity will be revolutionary or nothing. I will defend the revolutionary solidarity as the basis for developing the subjective conditions that will help the social revolution become a reality. I will defend the revolutionary solidarity as the basis for the final triumph of social solidarity…

In this court I would have to try myself. The accusation against N. Maziotis and the other defendants is ridiculous as it coexists with the “Terrorist Organization Address” category, which I am once again confronted with. Besides the inexperienced attempt of the judicial authorities to accuse others of the responsibility for my decision to attempt the escape, which is totally incompatible with my political and personal characteristics, it is indeed ridiculous to invoke the indictment “moral perpetrator” for the “director”… Also, the expropriation of the National Bank in Malessina, Fthiotida is one of the four expropriations we have undertaken as a Revolutionary Struggle with a public text. Of course, I will defend the above actions in the court; I will defend the practice of expropriating the bank capital for the fight. I will defend throughout my whole spectrum, the choice of life and struggle I have done in the context of the Revolutionary Struggle.

Originally published in Greek by Mpalothia

(via AMW English)