Greece: The mobilization in Korydallos Prison continues – 4th Announcement


Today, on November 12th, in the context of our mobilization against the new fascist ordinances of the correctional code, WE ARE KEEPING THE YARD OPEN, for two hours beyond the scheduled lock-up.

A week ago, the general coordinator of correctional facilities in Greece, Pavlos Doulamis, had a meeting with the Struggle Commitee and reassured us that our demands (which he thought to be fair) would be given to the Ministry in order for us to receive answers.

In contast, the ministry followed the authoritarian doctrine of ”we decide and we rule”. So, on Thusday November the 9th, the House of Parliament convened behind closed doors, without the participation of the Legal Team which has been established in order to represent prisoners.

The classified for-profit agreements with private corporations (Group 4 is funded for the ankle tethers), the deals and trade-offs with the judicial authority (providing district attorneys with excessive power over prisons), the return of Type C prisons (article 11 paragraph 4) and the suspension of educational programs, destroy any prospect for prisoners and act as a never-ending death penalty.

If we don’t have a response from the Ministry of Justice until Wednesday 15th of November, then we will amplify our voices and extend our mobilization further through the night.

Committee of Struggle Representing Men and Women -Korydallos Prison(sections A B C D and section A in the annex of the underground facility), November 12, 2017.

P.S. The mobilization was already initiated by women prisoners who have been keeping the yard open since September.