Greece: Statement After Yesterdays Clashes in Moria Camp, Lesvos


Statement by a refugee from the Moria camp at Lesvos, Greece, after yesterdays police attack and the clashes that followed.

Image by United Rescue Aid.

Published by Enough is Enough. Statement originally published by United Rescue Aid (Facebook link).

Two days ago we reported about the  hunger strike of Arash Hampay and three imprisoned refugees in Moria (Lesvos, Greece). On July 17 another group of people started to protest inside the Moria camp, demanding the freedom of movement. Yesterday the protests escalated after riot cops attacked protesting refugees with teargas.

Here is a statement from July 18 by one of the refugees from Moria, after yesterdays clashes:

“Today there was violence from the police against the refugees in Moria!
We started with a peaceful demonstration sitting in front of EASO and later blocking the road. This angered the authorities, and they ordered the police to fire tear gas against us. We threw rocks as self-defence which caused the situation to get out of control, and some cars were damaged. One of the authorities asked me to do all I could as the police could no longer negotiate with us. A Malian was shot with tear gas in his chest, and lots of people have been injured. A pregnant woman was beaten by the police, and so was two girls. A minor was shot with tear gas in his foot. A man was hit with a rod causing him a severe bleeding.
By orders of the police chief of Lesvos police broke the doors of the containers and arrested people forcefully. They arrested only the West Africans. Multiple people were taken to prison. We have tried to figure out the numbers of arrested people but to no avail.
We are still asking why we are being traded by the EU and Turkey? When is the EU Turkey deal going to end? Why are the authorities limiting our movement to the islands? Our demand is very simple: we want to be able to move all around Greece. And yet we are still being kept as captives at Moria camp in Lesvos? Why?”

WhatsApp message from yesterday (after the clashes):