Greece: Some news from Larissa prison


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Some news from Larissa prison (Greece)

Some news from first week of December 2020, Larissas prison where an inmate was found positive to the virus and the prisoners revolted demanding tests for all, something they managed to win, the result was almost 100 prisoners tested positive for Covid-19 and the only measure taken was to isolate them in two miserable wards with 60 beds.

As one detainee put it, “We are in a prison inside the prison, in quarantine within quarantine, in isolation within isolation, however we are still standing!”.

Among the inmates who have tested positive for Covid-19 is the anarchist comrade Vangelis Stathopoulos, who has been imprisoned there for a year awaiting trial because of the active solidarity he showed to an injured comrade.

Whatever happens to our comrade, the political cost, and not only, will be charged to the government and state mechanisms. Nothing will go unanswered.

Active solidarity to all the imprisoned fighters.

Fires in every prison.


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