Greece: Solidarity with the Antifascist Hunger Strike Jock Palfreeman


Solidarity with the Antifascist Hunger Strike Jock Palfreeman

From Sunday, April 21, the anti-fascist prisoner of Bulgarian prisons and president of the Bulgarian Prisoners Association, Jock Palfreeman, is on a hunger strike.
Jock Palfreeman started a hunger strike as a protest against corruption and abuse of power by the Sofia Prison Administration and in particular by the leader Desilav Angelov Traykov. After his transfer from the prison of Kaziceni to the prison in Sofia for medical surveillance, Jock was tortured by the prison guards.
On Saturday, May 4, the shift leader denied him access to the canteen where prisoners bought various items, including phone cards, with Jock being denied any communication with the outside world because he could not speak by phone. The vengeance of power continued with the isolation of Jock Palfreeman for a few days at the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Prison Hospital in Sofia, including patients with tuberculosis. As a protest against attempts to deliberately infect the hunger striker, he refused any medical examination.
We recall that Jock Palfreeman (Australian) has been in Bulgarian prisons since 2009, serving a 20-year penalty because when he visit the country were defending two Roma boys when a fascist gang attacked them. During the confrontation, Jock injured a fascist and killed another.
We stand in solidarity with Anti-Fascist Jock Palfreeman and in his struggle for Dignity we support the Companion who has done practical solidarity and fighting anti-fascism and continues to struggle within the walls without kneeling.

Solidarity Means Attack

Death to the fascist enemies of Freedom

When injustice becomes law, resistance is a duty!

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