Greece: Racially motivated attack on primary school student


On 6/6/2018, a classmate’s father physically attacked a foreign student with special needs in front of his classmates’ eyes.

More specifically, the father assaulted the minor inside the schoolyard while verbally attacking him, yelling about his origin.

The SEA president, Serafim Rizos told the Chania public radio (ERA) that the parent slapped the child during morning assembly, because, as he thought, the minor had an argument with his own child the day before. As the assaulted has not been in Greece for long, the assaulter was attacking not only because of the minors’ previous fight but, also, because of the student’s country of origin as he yelled at him to “Go back to his own country” and all that stuff that Golden Dawn (the Greek far-right party) usually yells during public assaults.

The school parents’ association wrote on facebook that they stand on the side of the family, deploring violent incidents in schools and stating that school should be a safe space for every child, to let them learn and express themselves.

It is unknown whether the attacker has been arrested. Adapted from

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by K. for mpalothia