Greece: No Border Kitchen Lesvos need cooks

No Border Kitchen Lesvos is looking for new comrades to come and join our struggle – particularly those with experience of cooking for large numbers of people. As summer ends and winter comes round, some comrades who have been here for longer stays will have to leave, and we generally expect a decrease in supporters.

The majority of the kitchen work is led by refugee comrades in NBK, who do an excellent job and make sure everybody gets fed each day. During the recent occupation of the city centre by Afghan asylum-seekers, they worked extra shifts to ensure the demonstrators got hot meals to share together in Sappho Square (in collaboration with our friends at One Happy Family – Community Center, Lesvos).

However, the kitchen crew are very tired with the daily work, and have their own cases to consider. They could use support.

Alongside our food preparation and distribution, we are also involved in political work and struggles across the island. Those with experience of political activism and self-organised structures, those with driving licences and those who can commit for a longer stay of over two weeks are especially welcome, but these are not necessary and we try to welcome as many people as possible into our autonomous structure.

If you’d be interested in joining this solidarity movement please write to our FacebookInbox or, and we will try to get back to you within a couple of days. please also share this call-out with anyone who might be interested.

with love & rage always

your No Border Kitchen crew

via  No Border Lesvos Kitchen.

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