Greece: Incendiary attack against the IIRSA by Earth Liberation Front Cell of Anti-Civilization Agitation


ELF Thessaloniki – Responsibility claim

Because of the call from South America against the new destructive plans IIRSA (Initiative for the Integration of the Regional Infrastructure of South America) which had as its primary concern the development and opening of trade between developed roads, telecommunications, sea and air networks, we decided to take action. On Wednesday 15/2, at 2AM, we torched two excavation machines, in the center of Thessaloniki.

The new profitable plan will proceed to a massive destruction of the Amazon which includes deforestation, elimination of the fauna and flora and the persecution of indigenous populations, as well the pollution of the waters aiming at the economic growth of the industrial complex. A complex that is inextricably connected with authority and dominance, while simultaneously being diffused within society, which in turn feeds it, mostly willingly. A society that reproduces the social standards that have been enforced, that perpetuates the regime of waged slavery, that is the observer in the onslaught of dominance. A totality clouded by propaganda, formed to follow the journeys dictated by subjugation.

Against their miserable journeys, we propose the anarchist revolutionary action. The spreading of discourse and action, and the destabilization of social peace, order and security.

Just like dominance, thus the material targets are everywhere. The authoritarian complex consists of different but interconnecting institutions and structures. The bet for us is the attack on here-and-now, against every aspect of authority, and the maximization of direct actions, so our strikes can be as chaotic and effective as possible.

Against development projects and structures of the techno-scientific complex.

For the destruction of civilization.

Strength to the anarchist hostages of war.

An incendiary signal to all comrades who fight authority with all means.

Fire to the machines.


ELF – Cell of Anti-Civilization Agitation