Greece: Common week of Actions 6-13 February 2016

Common week of Actions 6-13 February 2016

Against the military operations of the turkish security forces. For solidarity to the Resistance and Self-organization of the Kurdish regions.

In the past 15 years, the radical kurdish movement, abandoning the vision of a separate nation state, has created an open social experiment: the experiment of democratic autonomy. By forming democratic councils in every municipality, it attempts to create a confederation of all kurdish regions. The first big step in this direction was the creation of a federation of the three cantons in northern Syria in 2014, which was marked by the heroic resistance of the People’s Protection Units in Rojava.

Since the summer, the declaration of autonomy in many municipalities of southeast Turkey, has sparked the outburst of a violent and deadly war waged by the turkish military and police forces, whilst at the same time, in many cities strict curfews have been imposed which last many days. In this war the state’s forces bomb cities with canons, helicopters, tanks, they demolish houses, destroy historical monuments, kill mainly women, children and the elderly, they execute youth and evacuate whole territories by cutting the water supply, the electricity and gas. People are unable to procure their daily basic necessities due to the curfews. Schools are shut, hospitals are under siege and people are not allowed to bury their dead, as a result of which many of the murdered are left on the street for days.

The immediate and active expression of Internationalist Solidarity with all those who fight for a world without division on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religion, race, a world where people can take their lives into their own hands through council-based forms of direct democracy, is a priority.

So as not to let the Mediterranean region be pray neither to the geopolitical games of big and peripheral rulers, who have already ignited their war engines, nor to the religious fanaticism and nationalism which drive people into slaughtering each other.

So as to make the Mediterranean a bright beacon for Social Liberation

Gathering/manifestation – Saturday, February 13 – 12.00 p.m. – Monastiraki

Libertarian/Anarchist Assemblies/Solidarity Initiatives from

Athens, Patra, Heraklion, Larissa, Volos, Mytilene, Kalamata, Tripoli, Chalkida

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