Greece: Anarchists occupy the headquarters of Attica Bank in Athens [video]


On Thursday 13 October 2016 anarchists from Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas and Anarchist Collective of New Philadelphia occupied the corporate headquarter of Attica Bank in Kolonaki, Athens. While for the last 7 years since the outbreak of the capitalist crisis millions of people in Greece can’t meet basic needs, more than 40% of greeks still live under the poverty line, 45% of pensioners that have worked all their lives get pensions under 665 euros (ie. under the poverty line), 52% of households survive on the pension of somebody in the family, whilst 23,2% of the population is unemployed, Greece receives huge loans from creditors, that instead of being invested into people or the deteriorated health system, vast sums of money are constantly being given to banks so that they will be able to provide loans. Meaning that the greek people have paid the capitalist crisis with their blood (and will keep on for the decades to come), so that banks will keep on having profits.

The full text in greek explaining in details the reasons for the squat can be found at Αθήνα: Κατάληψη σε κεντρικά γραφεία της Attica Bank από Ρουβίκωνας-ΑΣυΝΦ