Germany/Austria: 3 Attacks in Solidarity With Comrades Targeted by G20 Repression


The regional press relayed the news of the attack on the police station in the ‘List’ district of Hanover: around 3:30AM, several masked and black-clad assailants bombard this place of oppression with stones. At least two windows on the ground floor were broken. Also, nearly 20 square meters of the police station exterior wall were covered in white paint, which was probably done with a fire extinguisher according to police investigators. The damage caused was estimated at around 1500 euros. Below is the claim of responsibility…

We are angry…attack on a police station in Hanover

On the night between July 11 and 12, we attacked the List Police Station on Höfe street with stones and paint.

With this action we express our opposition to the State, the cops and the repression. We express our solidarity with all of our friends who were attacked, wounded or locked up in the context of the G20 summit, or otherwise affected by the repression: you are not alone and be certain that our solidarity is addressed to you!

To the thousands of cops who organized an orgy of violence in Hamburg, who hunted and wounded people and almost killed them: THIS WAS FOR YOU!

To conclude, in anticipation of the debate regarding the issue of violence in the comments: we are clearly in solidarity with the nocturnal clashes at the G20. It does not matter that some actions may seem senseless and even if we are not always understood when we act ‘intoxicated blindly with violence’: there is still no reason to distance oneself!

Those who once again criticize the ‘chaotic anarchists’ and the ‘violent rioters’ quickly forget that the order of property and the labour market is maintained daily by force.

Taking into account the massacres by the EU in the Mediterranean, capitalist exploitation conditions or heavily armed riot police units equipped with weapons suitable for war, the exaggerated criticisms of ‘excessive violence’ really should not be taken seriously.

The hatred and anger against the existent that exploded in Hamburg is more than understandable. Social disorders do not always produce beautiful images.

Everybody hates the police!

Smash Capitalism!

Solidarity with resistance!


Wilhelsburg-Hamburg, Germany: Rolls-Royce Dealership Attacked

The G20 is over. Our struggles are not!

Tonight in Wilhelmsburg (a district of Hamburg), the entrance facade of the luxury car dealer ‘Rolls-Royce’ was destroyed.

Over the past few days and weeks we have taken our struggle against the G20 summit to the streets in various ways with tens of thousands of other people. We have expressed our rejection of the G20 as a whole and do not accept its political staging in Hamburg or anywhere else.

But no matter what we think of the isolated actions of the past few few days, it is clear that we will not let ourselves be divided and that we are in solidarity with all the prisoners!

The anti-G20 protests are only a reason to come together and express our rejection of existing relationships. It is more important to anchor the struggles in our daily lives. By remaining united and strong, we want to organize ourselves against the constraints of a capitalist and national social order.

As well as producing luxury cars and nuclear technologies, Rolls-Royce is also the world leader in the propulsion production market for both military aviation and maritime navigation techniques. Rolls-Royce is a symbol of global capitalism profiteering from war and developing new products that create even more situations of violence for people.

We are aware that this action will not abolish or even stop capitalist capitalist relations. But we can activate for further actions.

No G20 continues!


Vienna, Austria: Advertising panels destroyed in solidarity!

Last weekend (8/9 July, 2017) in Vienna, dozens of glass advertising panels at bus stops, metro stations, telephone booths and so on were destroyed!

Advertising promotes consumerism, creates needs that in principle we do not have, reaches our minds without us even realizing it and therefore produces norms (including sexist ones) to preserve economic growth. The more often we see advertising, the more we become influenced, and at the same time, we are encouraged to consume targeted products. The capitalist companies monopolize nearly all the advertising billboards, therefore maintaining a strong presence and control over the city and beyond.

Against the subliminal control coming from these multinationals!

For a self-determined life!

Freedom for all!

Shit on G20! Shit on cops! You die!

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated by Insurrection News)