Germany: Hambacher Forest Prisoners and Young Refugees Subject to Sexual Humiliation


The level of xenophobia and nationalism of Rhineland and National State prison and “justice” authorities is becoming more apparent with only non german speaking Hambi activists being subjected to strict mail and visit stops and now also exposed to sexual harassment and shaming with pseudo-scientific ‘Age Test’ that force younger anonymous activists and younger refugees to strip and then have photos of their sexual areas taken for “evidence”. Method not used by any other European countries who used equally non-reliable x-ray bone development photos.

Join us to resist this sexual and linguistic repression and isolation this Sunday 27.5. at 1900 in front of JVA Cologne, Ossendorf

Support UP III who is now after 68 days of detention without trial and conviction, after having support mail from outside not delivered for two month, after having visits subjected to strict approval process with many being denied, after going through all of this crap that is regularly faced exclusively by non-german speaking forest activists (strong overtones of legal and State xenophobia and nationalism) is now facing an “Age Test” declared by German Medical Association as having no medical merrit and as being unethical.  This Pseudo-Scientific “test” with inescapable overtones of sexual perversion constitutes forcing the prisoner to not only strip naked but to also have photos of their sexual development taken by a “medical professional” who then submits them as part of the court records.

Most of us arrested for protecting and defending millenarian Hambacher Forest from RWE climate killing lignite have been subjected to being strip searched by having to take all of our clothes in front of at least 3 cops.  This has become a time when not only inappropriate jokes, sexist comments and commentary has taken place but also during the Bonner Strasse Protests in city of Cologne when two prisoners were also physically assaulted at that vulnerable time.

As activists most of us have, despite often also having history of abuse and non-conforming to domination, a body-positive outlook and do not feel as inhibited as other prisoners and especially young refugees, who are now being subjected to the same sexually humiliating “age-test” procedure, and who come from much more sexually repressive backgrounds and to who this like to many of us as well leaves long lasting psychological effects.  Taking photographs constitutes another level of invasion and body shaming, especially when wrist bone and wisdom teeth development x-rays are used for that same purpose in other European countries.  Is it possible for Germany to be the only country using this procedure without forming association of naked prisoners and concentration camps inmates being stripped when getting out the railroad cars at concentration camps, of forced prostitution/rape and equally deprived “medical” experiment of Dr. Mengele? What is especially troubling here is that there is a 20-40 percent inaccuracy in all those so called non scientifically supported “medical” tests that are now not just used to humiliate and subject others to arbitrary power but in case of young refugees also send them back to war zones and conflict areas afterwards.

Here is another cataclysm unfolding that of climate chaos and global instability feeding directly and indirectly a pipeline of displaced, hungry and injured and once again the mainstream can only look at the “criminal” issues and “elements” involved and use more and more repressive, unethical and illogical methods of dealing with the crisis perpetuating and amplifying the underlying problems.

Stand up against the wave of persecution of climate justice activists standing up in Solidarity with climate/conflict-zone refugees all being subjected to this repressive shit:

JVA Ossendorf, Rochusstrasse 350, (mail address for UPIII) is located on Rektor-Klein-Strasse stop on line 5 tram.  Please bring food, instruments, banners, megaphones and/or sound systems.

(via Deutschland Indymedia)