Germany: Five months after the G20 … new wave of raids in various cities


Tuesday, December 5, five months after the clashes that shook the city of Hamburg on the occasion of the G20, German police carried out a series of raids against social centres, union headquarters and private apartments.

In total, 24 places were raided in the early morning at the request of the special commission “Black Block”. This commission, which regroups 160 police, has been set up specifically to find those responsible for the “public order disorders” that disrupted the G20 putting heads of state and capitalist media in turmoil. The searches were carried out throughout Germany: in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Sieburg, Göttingen, Stuttgart and Lower Saxony.

In Göttingen, a demo took place following the raids. Several people were injured, one of them was taken to hospital by ambulance. In Bonn, the cops attacked the headquarters of the Verdi-Jugend, the youth organization of one of the biggest German unions. Several members of this organization had been stopped during the demonstrations against the G20 in Hamburg. Gatherings and solidarity demonstrations were also held in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hannover and Leipzig. Marches against a summit on security (which is taking place these days bringing together some politicians and internal security specialists) are awaited for 7 December. Some banners have been hung in different cities, such as a Tübingen (Bade-Württenberg) and Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein).

The police are specifically interested in the clashes that took place on the morning of July 7th in Rondenbarg Street. It’s there that Fabio was arrested, before being released at the end of November. According to the first statements of the police, it seems that this impressive operation aims to “correct” the message sent with the recent release of Fabio.

The German police are also trying to counter any version of events that can be opposed to their own. Articles and recent reports in Germany have highlighted the brutality of the police interventions during the G20 and the lack of evidence in the hands of the police in the various judicial charges launched against militants.

The criminalization of opponents allows lighting up a counter-fire, while the police announce that a “public manhunt” will soon be launched against many people who participated in the anti-G20 events.

Today’s searches are ultimately only a stage in the massive campaign of disinformation and repression carried forward by the German political class and its police. After the threats to evict the Rote Flora squat in Hamburg and the closing of Linksunten-Indymedia, the German State now wants to take revenge against those who defied its authority.

Let’s remember that in addition to the hundreds of arrests and police attacks on the camp sites during the G20 summit, calls for snitching were transmitted in the media and a wave of searches took place in Hamburg and surroundings on Wednesday 27 September 2017.

Translated by Act for freedom now!