Germany: Call for solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrades on trial for bank robbery [Jan 23]


The anarchist comrades accused of participating in the expropriation of a bank office in Aachen in the month of November 2014 are still imprisoned in Germany awaiting trial that will start on January 23rd 2017. The dutch comrade, also judged for expropriation of a bank office on the same territory, is free at the moment, although the prosecutor has appealed the decision after the judge granted acquittal.

From Solidaritat Rebel, we want them to feel our solidarity for it to cross borders, bars and walls, and send them all our strength and complicity.
We want to unmask and point out three important protagonists responsible for the kidnapping of our comrades.

1) The prosecution: Pax Bank and its partners

The bank offices where the expropriations were carried out belong to Pax Bank and Aachener Bank – ever since its founding by priests in Cologne in WWI – linked to the catholic church and recently also to the arms trade. While preaching humility, morals and ethics, they fill their pockets selling weapons in wars, for which they later ask to be prayed for. Another proof of the unbreakable alliance between Church and Capital.

2) The accomplices and servants of the State: collaboration between states and their police forces

Requests to collect information where given by the criminal police and the Criminal Investigation State Office (LKA) of Germany to police forces of other countries: e.g. it was the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonia) who collected the data, that served to identify and localize our friends. Moreover, it was Europol who issued the arrest warrant that resulted in the imprisonment of our friends (brought from Bulgaria and Barcelona). The borders, once more, apply in fact only to the poor, the rebels, the migrants…; never to the rich, the repressive forces or capital.

3) Social control technologies and repression: new (and not so new) techniques

One of the main proofs for the prosecution so far has been samples of DNA collected by the Mossos d’Esquadra without the accused’s awareness. Another important proof is the biometric analysis extracted from images recorded by the surveillance cameras of the bank offices and their surroundings: shapes of head and jaw, way of walking etc. All this information is extracted from the accumulated recordings of us walking down the video surveiled streets.

Without forgetting our hatred and rejection to prisons as centres of punishment for dissidence, we want to express our hate towards the media of communication as generators of reality in complicity with Domination, that is incarnated by political parties, banks, mass media, the church and other allies of the State and Capital. To continue our struggle is the best way to not let them crush our ideas or rebellious practices, despite and against the intention of their repressive blow.

We don’t care whether they are innocent or guilty according to the charges. They are not victims, they are fighters, and on days like the upcoming 23rd of January, when the trial starts, we reaffirm ourselves once again, rejecting their categories and forging the bonds of solidarity and rebellion. Therefore, we want to invite you to show your support on Saturday, 21st of January, in the streets of your town, city, neighbourhood or village, and to raise awareness about the case and the kidnapping our friends.

We will keep this blog updated with information we gather about the enemies of our comrades, that are also ours.