Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative – ‘Bring the War in Afrin to the Streets of Europe on 12.03.18!’


10.03.18: The Apoist Youth Initiative has announced in a written statement that it will join the militant action announced by the radical Europeans. They call on everyone to carry out more radical and organized actions in the heart of capitalism for the freedom of Afrin.

The statement is as follows:

To the Kurdish Youth in Europe – Afrin Needs You

The situation in Afrin is serious. Our mortal enemy, the fascist Turkish State and its terrorist gangs IS and Al-Nusra have been attacking our people in Afrin for weeks leaving a trail of devastation. They loot and burn our villages, they rape our mothers and sisters and murder defenseless children and the elderly, hundreds of our friends have already sacrificed their lives. But despite the heroic resistance of YPG and YPJ, the enemy keeps moving closer to Afrin City each day, our backs are to the wall. The attack on Afrin is an attempt to destroy our revolution. If Afrin falls, Free Kurdistan will be suffocated in blood and suffering for the next hundred years. This is made possible because the International States have once again conspired against the Kurdish people, just like they did during the kidnapping of Abdullah Öcalan. First and foremost Russia and NATO under the leadership of the USA, but the European States are also part of this conspiracy. Germany is deeply involved in this war – German tanks, German weapons and German technology are at the forefront in Afrin.

Our friends need our help to stop the war in Afrin. The European States must understand that we will not stand by and watch as they massacre our people in Rojava. The previous actions are not enough, here and now it is time to bring the war back to Europe.

Our left-wing friends have announced radical actions for many countries and cities in Europe, they want to take action on the night of Monday, 12.03.18. As Apoist Youth we will joint these actions: Whether it is Turkish Embassies, AKP clubs like UETD (Union of European Turkish Democrats), Turkish fascists and their shops and cafes or State institutions (SPD / CDU offices, police, courts), whoever supports the war against our people and defends it will have to pay for it. If nobody wants to listen to us, we will turn every inner city of Europe to ashes. No matter how and no matter what is burning on this day, Europe must understand that we will not let Afrin fall.

Let all your friends know: On Monday, as Kurdish youth, we will end the murderous silence and bring the war to Europe’s streets! Find out about planned actions on, talk among yourselves and get ready!

Apoist Youth Initiative

(via Nûçe Ciwan, translated by Insurrection News)