From Charlottesville to Derry: Fascists Aren’t Welcome!

Members and supporters of the IWW, anarchists, socialists, trade unionists and other activists today held a solidarity in Derry city centre following on from recent developments in the US this week as part of a series of co-ordinated actions across the country.

Several speakers condemned the brutal murder of Heather Heyer in an unprovoked attack in which a number of other protesters were badly injured during a racist ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville.  Following the rally a spokesperson for the IWW in Derry said “It was an important action to take part in as it linked up with others in Belfast, Dublin and across the world in an expression of solidarity, love and rage to all those targeted by the far right in Charlottesville, in their fight against hatred and bigotry.

From Charlottesville to Derry: Fascists Aren’t Welcome!

“We agree that Trump has emboldened the far-right in the US with deadly consequences as can be seen in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fascists are again attempting to pose a serious threat not just in the US but across Europe as well.Here in Ireland we have had fascists such as Britain First rallying  on the streets of Belfast a few weeks ago who now tend to stand in elections here as well planning similar gatherings. Our message must be loud and clear from this rally today, we will stand in opposition to fascism, ‘white pride’ and Nazism on the streets, we will work together with like-minded antifascists to stamp out these vile ideologies wherever we find them!”.

“In cities such as Galway, Belfast, Derry and Dublin we’re uniting to let the far-right know they’re not welcome here as we extend our solidarity with those in the US at this time who are taking a stand against fascism, wherever is rises its head from.”


From Charlottesville to Derry: Fascists Aren’t Welcome!

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