France, short answer to the enraged proletarians.



Far from us to claim we represent the “movement”, but since you use Mpalothia as “media” broadcast we felt questioned.

You look at “our struggle”, so we have taken note.

To be clear we specify that “our struggle” existed before the “movement” and will not end with it, even if the reform of the labor code would be repealed.

Indeed, we do not care about law and we do not care about work. We just wish both to disappear.

Our goal is not to reform or improve capitalism but to destroy it, to wipe out it by fire and by all means everyone deems useful.

We do not care either about what the unions have said in recent years, say today, and will continue to say the coming years. Unions have always been and will always be the transition belt of the power we want to destroy.

As we do not want less violent police or more flexible state, we do not want either less reformist unions.

Neither cop, neither State, neither union!

Therefore, it is clear that the unions, as well as the police who is their model, use their repressive forces against us.

“Comrades,” we are not proletarians, we are individuals, revolutionaries from various backgrounds united at a time of a riot. If something can define us, it is that , and not a pseudo class identity taken from an old Marxist dream.

We do not need an identity, let’s say classist, to express and justify our rebellion.

We hope nothing of our enemies, we hope nothing of the state, nothing of the employers, nothing of the unions, nothing of the moribund society that gave them birth.

“Comrades,” we want nothing better at all, our ambition is the simple destruction of the oppressive world imposed on us.

Therefore, we will not go into the debate of a referendum (french or greek) that somehow we would not want. We do not demand “less work and more wealth,” simply because:

We want nothing, and we will burn the rest!

By fire !

For the fire!

A few Anarchists.

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