Denver, USA: Attacks against gentrification



On a cold winter night here in Denver we took action to show our discontent with the recent construction of luxury condos in our neighborhood and the gentrification that has been plaguing our city and so many others as well as hatred towards the capitalist state that seeks to dominate us.

We threw a few paint bombs at the sign mounted on the wall on the front of the building and tossed some rocks through a large window in the lobby of the building and also shattered a smaller window belonging to one of the still vacant condos. As we left we scribbled anti-gentrification slogans such as “Yuppies Get Out” and “Communities Not Condos” on the building’s exterior walls.

We did this action in solidarity with all those who are also taking militant action to resist gentrification in their cities!

Death to capitalism!

Death to the state!

Gentrification is genocide!

Long live the revolutionary struggle!

With love and solidarity!

– some anarchist troublemakers