Cyberspace: Electronic Warfare Action in Solidarity with the Afrin Resistance


On 11 and 12 of january anarchists carried out an attack against the website of MHP. AKP and MHP are the ruling parties of the Turkish state. Under their regime Turkey has

– directly supported Daesh (ISIL), trained its fighters and supplied it with weapons and intelligence

– crushed the uprising in North Kurdistan, killing hundreds of civilians and bombing several cities to the ground

– imprisoned ten thousands of citizens who spoke out against the regime

– turned the country into a fascist dictatorship under Erdogan

– invaded Iraq, indiscriminately bombing villages and killing the local population

– invaded Syria, indiscriminately bombing villages and killing the local population

– carried out a campaign of ethnic cleansing, abductions and terror against the population of Afrin in northern Syria

In solidarity with this resistance we have carried out cyber attacks against the AKP-MHP regime.

The website of MHP, was attacked from 13.00 to 9.00 UTC.

Due to the DDOS-attack the site of this fascist party was overloaded and down.

As anarchists we share the values of freedom, ecology and gender liberation, which our comrades of YPG and YPJ are fighting for. We do not tolerate the occupation of Afrin, nor the threats of Erdogan to invade Minbij, Kobane, Tel Abyad, Raqqa or any other part of the North Syria Federation. If these policies continue AKP, MHP and any state, organization or business supporting their regime will be legitimate targets.

We call upon all people who believe in freedom and justice to rise up and stand with the people of Syria against the totalitarianism of Daesh and the Turkish and Syrian regimes.

Our greetings and respects to all those fighting for freedom in the Middle East and elsewhere!

Yan serkeftin yan serkeftin!


Ministry of Night – Section Cyber-Guerrilla

(via Deutschland Indymedia)